Painted Succulent Bowl: Second Attempt

So, I wasn’t thrilled with my first painting attempt and decided to attempt the project again. And while there will be third attempt; I thought I would share how the second one turned out. Over all, I like it more than the first, but I’m hoping I’ll like the third more than the second. But now my boyfriend has a special cereal bowl to use!

Materials Used:

Porcelain Bowl

Painters Paint

Pēbēo Porcelaine 150, 6-color set

Paintbrushes, multiple sizes

Garbage Bag

Recycled Lidded Plastic Container

Not Pictured: Paper Towels



Step 1: Cut strips of the painters tape and stick them to the outside of the bowl in a pattern of your choice. For my bowl, I decided to do a pattern of triangles.


Side Note: Make sure you press the tape firmly on the bowl and flatten out any air bubbles. I thought I had flattened them all out, but some of the paint bled under the tape where I didn’t press hard enough. It’s okay though, what arts and crafts without some happy accidents?

Step 2: Mix variants of yellow using the yellow and white porcelain paint. Apply the paint to the negative space on the bowl.

Side Note: I usually work with acrylic paints and learned pretty quickly that porcelain paint doesn’t mix in the way I’m used to. I had to apply a lot of yellow paint to the white to get the varied hues of yellow I wanted.

After I was able to mix the desired color, I had to apply between 3-5 coats to get an even finish. This might be due to the type of paintbrush I’m using; the bristles leave streaks. After doing a quick search, I learned I should be using a nylon bristled brush, according to Ceramic Arts Daily.

Step 3: After applying the paint, wait and the bowl dry for one to two hours.

Step 4: Gently lift the tape away from the bowl. Set the oven to 350° and bake the bowl for 35 minutes.

Side Note: After removing the tape from the bowl, I thought there was still just too much white space. I cut down tape strips and applied them to the bowl, making small diagonal lines. I painted the negative space gray.


After waiting for the paint to dry I removed the tape again, but wasn’t very excited about the results. I took the blue and green paint and applied directly to the bowl using the drip method. I spun the bowl around in my hands to get different abstract designs.


Final Thoughts: Though it’s still not what I had planned for the bowl, it’s closer to what I originally imagined. I’m going to apply more porcelain paint to this bowl (maybe I’ll add hot pink!) and hopefully get it to the point where I’m proud of it. But hey, it’s still fun!

Hey, guys! Thanks for checking back! After playing a little more with the paints, I ultimately decided to add a light pink, (looks kinda salmon) sunset orange and white. I am very pleased with the final results and was able to transplant some of my succulents (they were outgrowing another pot).

And here is the result:


For next week’s craft, I’ll be trying my hand at greeting card making. Stay tuned and thanks for reading!


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