“Happy Birthday!” Making a Greeting Card

I love Papyrus greeting cards. The embellishments, thick paper and happy-go-lucky messages make me geek out big time.

If there’s a special occasion to be celebrated, I’m arming myself with a card.

It has become such a part of my gift giving ritual that family and friends look forward to the card; it’s not about the gift. The card’s message and illustrations combined with a heartfelt message is what gets people excited.

It has gotten to the point where my sister and I wager a friendly competition as to who serves up the best card. Being that it’s her birthday next week, I wanted to show her that I am still the reigning champion—BUA HA HA! Instead of going to my go-to store though, I wanted to make a card for her myself.

I have never been good at paper crafts. I think it all started in Kindergarten when I couldn’t cut on the dotted line. Darn those right-handed scissors!

As silly as it sounds (and as terrible an excuse it is) I wasn’t all that interested in doing anything that involved scissors, glue or paper, it always came out looking like garbage. Looking back, I’m sure a lot of it had to do with my impatience and wanting instant gratification.

Now as a full-fledged adult (somewhat) I’ve decided to give paper crafting another try, so here it goes!

fullsizerender_5That’s a pretty anticlimactic big reveal, isn’t it? These two cards are my first attempts, and similar to the succulent bowl project, I wasn’t all that pleased with my efforts. Still having ample time to get a card made and sent off in the mail, I decided to try again.

Materials Used:

Construction Paper (Colors: Brown, Teal, Yellow and Baby Blue)

Colored Pencils

Graphite Pencil

Calligraphy Pen

Washi Tape






Step 1: Fold the brown paper in half. Take the scissors and cut along the fold. Take one of the two cut halves and fold it hamburger style.

Step 2: Cut the yellow craft paper down to the size of the folded brown paper. Set aside.

Step 3: Open a word document on your computer and type “Happy B-Day,” like so:


Print the letters.

Step 4: Using the ruler, draw triangles around the letters on the baby blue paper. The base of the triangle should be drawn just above the letters.

Side Note: Like the card I tried before, I wanted to make a banner that said “Happy Birthday,” but the original banner looked janky because I wrapped the triangles in washi tape, making it difficult to read the letter print. I shortened the script and printed it off, then, I decided to frame the letters using construction paper instead of washi tape.

Step 5: After tracing the letters, cut them out with scissors. Glue them on the teal construction paper. Trace triangles around these triangle shapes. Cut out and set aside.


Step 6: On the card, draw an illustration your intended would like. My sister loves succulents (don’t we all!) so I wanted to draw her one of her favorite things. I first drew the illustration in light pencil, that way I could erase any mistakes.


Step 7: After drawing the potted succulents, I colored the illustration in with colored pencil.


Side Note: The detail of the drawing was lost after I added color. To make the details pop, I traced around the drawing with a calligraphy pen.


Step 9: Now it’s time to add the birthday greeting. Lightly draw two parabola lines on the card, one at the top and one at the bottom. Glue the letters (pointy side down) along the lines. Trace over the lines to make it look like a banner is being stretched across the card.


Final Thoughts: I was happy with how the card turned out, and my sister loved it! I think what I need to do for the next card though is to use card stock; construction paper is a little flimsy.

Have any questions, thoughts or comments? Please share!

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