Glass Pendant Tutorial

As someone who is not very crafty, coming up with projects for me that I think I can manage, or, at the very least finish is a little tough. What a problem to have, right?

Like I’ve said in previous posts, if I can’t get something right on the first try, I get incredibly annoyed and want to quit. I’m not going to let myself do that, and neither should you!

Everyone has to start somewhere, so this week, I’m starting with making a pendant.

Materials Used:

Red and Tan Cardstock

Cabochon Frame Setting Tray

Glass dome (measured to fit tray)

Diamond Glaze

Exacto Knife



Not Pictured:



Necklace Chain



Step 1: Decide on the image or design you want to feature in the pendant. As a big fan of the writer Virginia Woolf, I chose to use the famous side-profile photograph taken of her by George Charles Beresford.

Side Note: Be wary of copyright laws. If you intend to sell the jewelry you make but are using copyrighted images, know that there is a chance you will be faced with a cease and desist letter. If you’re making it for yourself and don’t intend to turn a profit, I say go for it! Any who, let’s proceed!

Step 2: Using a simple word document (you can do this with Adobe Photoshop too) I scaled the image down to size to fit in the frame of the pendant. After resizing the photo, print the image on the tan card stock.

Step 3: Place the glass dome over the printed image. The dome will magnify the image, so you may need to resize the image once more.

Side Note: I had four different sizes of the photo printed so that I could see how they would look under the glass. By printing it all on one sheet, you save paper and time!

After selecting the image that will be best suited for the pendant, place glass dome over the photo once more and trace around it with a pencil. Cut out the image.


Side Note: I cut the photo into a square and glued it to the red cardstock. I laid the dome down once more and traced around it again with the pencil. Then I cut it out.

Step 4: Lay the design in the frame setting tray.

Step 5: Dip the paintbrush in the diamond glaze and paint a thin layer of the glaze of the flat part of the dome. Press the glass to the frame tray between your thumb and forefinger firmly.


Step 6: Take the chain and thread it through the pendant’s jump ring.

IMG_0978 2

Now look who gets to sport a new necklace of their own design!

For the next project, I’m thinking about making a bullet journal, with the theme beings about books I’ve read or want to read in 2017. Stay tuned!

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