Coaster DIY Tutorial

It has taken me so long to do another project. I wanted this blog to be about doing a weekly DIY project, one that doesn’t take more than hour, but I’ve found that’s not readily something I can do. Part of the issue is waiting for my craft supplies to arrive, part of it’s my lack of imagination, and the third and last part is the amount of time crafting takes to do.

Who knew, right? But really, everyone knew, I was just naïve.

I’ve been in the need of coasters, and didn’t want to just buy a pack at the store. So, I decided to buy some ceramic tiles. Using the left over ceramic paint I had from the succulent bowl project, I painted the white ceramic tiles and just let myself go free. I wanted my own set of custom coasters, and to do that, I needed to make them myself.

I’m a huge abstract expressionist fan. Lee Krasner, Wassily Kandinsky, Jackson Pollock—so many people count them out just by saying, “Anyone can paint that.” But did you?! I scream in my head.

Okay, so…here is my coasters DIY project!

 Materials Used:

White ceramic tile


Ceramic paint

Garbage bag




Water container

Paper towels


Painters tape



 Step 1: Take two pieces of painters tape and wrap the pieces around a tile horizontally. Wrap a third piece of tape over the horizontal pieces vertically. Paint one of the boxes in a color of your choice, as seen below:

IMG_1007I chose to paint the boxes in black and light green:


Step 2: After removing the painters tape, (very carefully!) I took a darker green and painted lines across the light green color blocks. I did the same in the empty white lines:


 Step 3: After painting your desired number of coasters, set them aside and let them dry. This can take anywhere from an hour to a full day, depending on the directions posted on your ceramic paint tubes.

Step 4: Once the tiles have dried, set your oven to 350 and bake the tiles for 1 hour.

I made five tiles for my project. I don’t do a lot of hosting. Like Liz Lemon, I say: “yes to love, yes to life and yes to staying in more!” Because of this, I felt that five tiles would be enough.

FullSizeRender-2 2

Step 5: Let the tiles cool down completely after removing them from the oven.

Step 6: Trace a tile on the felt. Cut out the traced square. Cut it down to size. Using the superglue, glue the felt to the bottom of the tile. The felt will keep the tile from scratching your coffee table surface. You can also substitute the felt for cork.



I’m happy with how my coasters turned out. Unfortunately, due to my impatience, I didn’t wait long enough for one of them to dry, and the paint bled onto another tile. But hey: it is what it is, right?

For the next couple of projects, I’m thinking about weaving a wall tapestry and making a faux succulent wreath. All I need are the supplies!



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